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    I am moving house shortly, so am gonna be downsizing ma model boats as well as ma house. Is there anybody looking 2 buy any models?

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    What kind of boats you got?

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    theres a 3 foot sailing fifie, a smaller sailing zulu (both with motors added 2 get them outta trouble), also a 3ft 1950s style seiner, which has been fitted as a prawn trawler (as has the boat it is based on). If yer interested, could post some pix on here 2moro.

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    It would be great to see these bg models. They sound interesting particularly the 50,s seiner. I suspect you will be asked lots of questions!!!! Look forward to you putting them up on the site.

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    Ok, am charging camera and will post pics later 2day.

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    Uploading pics now, scuse the dust, they've been sat on top of wardrobes for ages!

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    Now uploaded in Completed Models of Fishing Vessels category.

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