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    i would be interested in power blocks at ! to 12th, too,

    i reckon there would be alot of demand for these....

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    Default Net Haulers /Powerblocks

    I have just had a chance to inspect some samples of thes blocks/haulers at various scales and must say that I am very impressed with them.

    Alistair Craig aka 'Fifie' on this site has done a great job making these from laser cut resin. I dont know how he does it but the results are very realistic even including the screwheads on the cover plates.

    These come in various scales and configurations and I intend to use them in future as I cannot make them as good and the price is very reasonable

    Alistair is also making the hydraulic cranes and window bezels.

    I would reccomend these items to any modeller whether beginner or experienced.

    Further details can be obtained from Alistair on

    Bill Wood

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