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    Thumbs up Book : Images of Fisherman , the North Atlantic

    Author : Maria Olsen with Menakhem Ben-Yami and Bui Tyril
    Published by : GlobalOne Press Ltd , Aberdeen Scotland

    ISBN-13 : 978-1-906047-00-9
    ISBN-10 : 1-906047-00-6

    Price 49 , $92 ( US ) , 545 Danish Kroner , 73 euro's

    384 pages

    What do you get for your money. Well 340 pages filled with photographs of 6 different types of fishing boats from Gill netting for Monkfish through to twin rig trawling for Shrimp off Greenland.

    The introduction gives an insight into the history of the North Atlantic fisheries and how the stocks are assessed.

    1) Gillnetting for Monkfish onboard the Faroese vessel Gudrun

    from sailing at the start of a trip through working the gear and landing the catch this section has 24 photographs with a few pages of text explaining the vessel and the fishery

    2) Longlining for Cod onboard the Icelandic vessel Tomas Thorvaldsson

    This series shows just how the Mustad Autoline system works and I must admit that if our boats saw this much Cod we'd have to dump them....
    When the catch is landed they show the fish being filleted then salted down and boxed for sale. 32 photos and more excellent pages of information between the photos.

    3) Demersal pair trawling for Saithe onboard the Faroes pair team Bakur and Stelkur

    This shows the difference in size and capabilities between the 80-90ft pair trawlers in the UK and these large stern trawlers capable of hauling 30+ tonnes up the ramp in a single haul. 33 photos with pages of information about the fishery and the vessels involved

    4) Twin rig trawling for groundfish onboard the Shetland boat Copious

    One of Shetlands newest boats shown fishing for Megrims , Witches and prawns as well as Haddock. Brings back memories for me when I was at the twin rig but has shown me the vast improvement in working conditions when hauling and shooting the nets over the last 20 years. 23 photos and pages of information about the twin rig and prawn fisheries.

    5) Pelagic pair trawling for Herring onboard the Faroes vessels Christian i Grotinum and Nordborg

    This shows the vessels from leaving harbour , working with the gear , pumping the fish , processing the Herring into fillets and freezing them. This is the one major type of gear that I haven't seen first hand ( been at the Pelagic single boat though as well as the Purse ) and these photos show how the gear is worked and has filled in a blank in my knowledge about the fishing. 35 photos and several pages of information of text.

    6) Harvesting northern Shrimp onboard the Greenland trawler Nanoq Trawl

    Twin rigging on serious steroids !! The gear is worked in the same way as onboard the Copious ( photo series 4 ) but on a much larger scale. The major difference is the selector grids in the nets to keep fish out of the cod-ends. These look fairly large and a bit unwieldy to work on a boat much smaller than the Nanoq Trawl. 10-12 tonnes of Shrimps in some hauls ( between both nets ) are shown being graded, cooked and then frozen. 38 photos and more pages of text explaining the fishery and the vessel herself.

    The book is an A4 hardback and the photos are full page with a considerable number being across both pages meaning this book has the largest photos possible for a book of this size and the photos are all very sharp and clear.

    The explanations in the text about the various vessels and fisheries looks to be well researched and written and I found it very informative and well worth the money. Compared to other books about the fishing this is one to beat and I am glad to have it as an addition to my collection.

    It is available to buy using the link in the advert at the top of this page or by clicking Here

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    Have a copy of this book myself. A splendid book.

    Greetings from Mid Norway. Have a pleasant saturday evening.

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    Default book for sale

    got a copy of this book for sale read once very good condition anyboby fancy a copy looking around 25 delivered uk by couirer send me a message cheers paul

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