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    Davie Tait Guest

    Angry Bogus members spamming the site

    We have had a few accounts set up recently by people who are sending PM's to members advertising Mobile Phones , Videos , trying to use the site to advertise other websites ( photo hosting sites ) , etc. Please report ANY PM like this from any account as this site is for photographs and NOT for use by anyone to sell dodgy goods.

    Anyone who signs up to this site and is caught sending out PM's trying to sell ANYTHING will be banned , if you have something to sell i'd suggest Ebay is the best place. If you are selling model boat hulls , plans , components you may start a thread in the forum.

    Davie Tait
    Admin Team

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    Davie Tait Guest


    I have been alerted to the possibility that one or two people who have been banned from the site for abusive behaviour have rejoined using different Email addresses. If anyone receives an Email or PM through the site from an account that is linked to a banned member ( if the content makes it plain that they have been on the site previously but excluded ) please alert the Admin team.

    We only ban accounts as a last resort ( except where those accounts have been set up with the intention of trying to spam the forum with advertising , those get banned immediately ) and only then to keep the site as friendly as possible. Those banned so far have shown attitudes that are far from friendly , confrontational and abusive.

    Davie Tait
    Admin Team

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    Davie Tait Guest


    I have just banned mrzed from the site. I had already warned him about swearing and making abusive comments ( which I deleted 6 ) and found out tonight that he had uploaded 4 photos lifted from the Seahouses RNLI website. Behaviour like that will not be tolerated as its in all our interests that the site is as friendly a place as possible and run to make sure that problems with breach of copyright are not an issue.

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