Hello, Although I am logged in as 'John Taylor Bennett,' which is my Grandfathers name, my name is JOHN LAWTON...I come from a farming background, but through my family's contact with the RN, following my retirement, I research the vessels of the RN especially WW2 and the in particular the Battle of the Atlantic. ..However my hobby is both reading about and photographing Trawlers, both old (preferably) and new...Whilst on hols in Scarborough this year 09, I saw 'Hatherleigh. alongside, Vincents pier, I photographed the brass paque on the wheelhouse, so I know a small amount of her history, can anyone please fill in the rest, ie date of launch, Registration Number, Owners etc when she was 'Suffolk Punch' again a memory of my days working horses!!! That shows my age....Thanks..Yours Aye...John