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    Hello, Although I am logged in as 'John Taylor Bennett,' which is my Grandfathers name, my name is JOHN LAWTON...I come from a farming background, but through my family's contact with the RN, following my retirement, I research the vessels of the RN especially WW2 and the in particular the Battle of the Atlantic. ..However my hobby is both reading about and photographing Trawlers, both old (preferably) and new...Whilst on hols in Scarborough this year 09, I saw 'Hatherleigh. alongside, Vincents pier, I photographed the brass paque on the wheelhouse, so I know a small amount of her history, can anyone please fill in the rest, ie date of launch, Registration Number, Owners etc when she was 'Suffolk Punch' again a memory of my days working horses!!! That shows my age....Thanks..Yours Aye...John

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    Hi John,

    There's some info here and in other places online. I've gathered up the rest of this from pictures on the site and a wee bit of internet trawling. Her most recent former skipper from the Pindar days Terry Bunker is a member here and if you send him a private message he may be able to tell you more.

    Her original registration number as 'Suffolk Punch' was LT395, built in Lowestoft by Richards Ironworks in 1961 with yard number 461 and official number 302400 as per the plaque on board, initially owned by Small & Co and operated as a side-trawler.

    IMO number = 5343201
    Callsign = MEET
    Dimensions are: 32.50m (106.5ft) overall length x 7.12m (23.4ft) beam x 3.74m (12.25ft) draft, 202 GRT in weight.
    Original Engine: Ruston & Hornsby 624 Hp (may have been changed since?)

    Some history:
    03-1961 - LT 395 Sufford Punch - Small & Co.
    10-1974 - LT 395 Hatherleigh - Hobsons (Lowestoft) Ltd.
    11-1983 - Hatherleigh sold to Putford Enterprises, used as Guard-vessel 1992 - Owned by Maritime Experiences from Scarborough, painted red and moored up as a tourist attraction.
    1997 - Moved abroad somewhere, no longer in Scarborough anyway...
    Date Unknown - Hatherleigh was bought sometime after 1997 by Pindar Ltd. to be used as a yacht race support, training and corporate hospitality vessel. She became 'legendary' for the parties on board and was used in the daring rescue of yachtsman Jean-Pierre Dick in the Transat race during 2004 after he was rolled and dismasted 750 miles west of Ireland. They towed him all the way back to France.
    2007 - Still owned by Pindar but operated by ONDECK
    2009 - Sold to Dalby Offshore, used as training vessel but laid up and moved back to Scarborough due to lack of charters. I believe Dalby still own her and she has reverted back to a tourist attraction and unique setting for meetings, events and so on.

    Hope this info helps!

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    Smile John lawton

    Hi Bob...Forgive me for not replying before, I saw her in Scarborough in October this year and was curious about her history, I took a very bad video of her,(Hand Skake etc a 'Scarborough Special Wind)..but unfortunately no still pics, still I managed to ;lift' a couple from the video, As I said in my initial intro, my speciality is the 'Grey Funnel Fleet, but have a lifelong interest in Trawlers, especially Whitby and Scarborough, plus I guess I am just plain nosey!!!! Once more many thanks...yours aye....John
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    No worries! Here are a few photos for you to enjoy.

    Pics from the fishing days:

    Pic from tourist attraction days:

    Most recent pic on this site:

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