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    Ive noticed recently that a member has been updating a lot of his photos, the only reason i noticed this was because i had searched for a particular boat and when opening the thumbnail i saw the date the photo was taken was like 3 months after the photo had been posted, i take it the member had taken a better photo or the boat was recently painted or something. i checked his personal gallery and hes done it to a few photos.Would it not be possible when this happens that the photo is brought to the front of the gallery so members and non-members can see the updated photo? Its a shame if a new photo is put up and might be stuck at the back of the gallery where it might not be seen.

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    Davie Tait Guest


    Its something we're aware of Kev. The problem started 4 months ago when I attempted to put the over 9.9m gallery in alphabetical order. Now thats the only gallery that has been affected and its something i'll be looking into again when I get the time.

    I always update my photo's if there has been any comments putting in the proper date and port and I will try to fix the problem I caused


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    Davie Tait Guest


    Well ive had a try in the admin panel and can't get it to go back to before I mucked it up i'll mention it to the Admin and see if there's anything they can suggest.


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    Davie Tait Guest


    Well looks like i've managed to fix the Galleries so that now , fingers crossed , when a photo is updated or commented on it should now go back to the top of the list.

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