Please take a moment to read the following short guide, as it contains important information about how your images are used and stored here at Trawler Photos.

By uploading images to the Trawler Photos gallery you agree to the following:
  1. Any images uploaded to the gallery are either your property, or you have permission from the image owner to upload the images for display at Trawler Photos, ie. you have the 'right' to upload the images for display.
  2. You may upload images, allocate them to a specific gallery, edit the accompanying text (title & description) or delete your images at any time.
  3. The Trawler Photos Administrator & Moderators may also allocate images to galleries, edit accompanying text (title & description) or delete your images as the requirements of the website dictate.
  4. Your images may be used within the Trawler Photos site as general images for such things as web page headers, or to illustrate articles.
  5. Your images will form part of a collective backup on a regular basis to protect the content of the Trawler Photos website. This backup will remain in the possession of the Administrator and will not be transmitted to any third-party.
  6. Your images will have a small watermark applied to them in the form of the Trawler Photos logo and name. This watermark is unobtrusive and is non-permament, being overlaid as the image is displayed on the viewers web browser. The original image is not changed in any way.
  7. Acceptable image formats are *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.png and *.gif only. Bitmaps (*.bmp) are not allowed due to their large file size, but are easily converted to any of the other formats using any reasonable graphics application.
  8. Your images are relevant to the subject of the website.
You should understand that:
  1. Trawler Photos is purely a hosting medium, and has no claim to any of the images contained within the gallery, other than the limited on-site use outlined in point 4 above.
  2. Your images will not be used on other websites or transmitted to other parties without your written consent.
  3. Your images will not be sold, either individually or as part of a collection by Trawler Photos.
  4. Your images will not be altered or defaced in any way, other then where deemed necessary for graphics requirements for use on the site (as noted in point 4 above) and for the application of the watermark as noted in point 6 above, although this does not alter the original image.
  5. The maximum image size that will be displayed on the Trawler Photos gallery is 1024x768 pixels. If you upload a larger image than this then the server will resize it to the gallery maximum size. Smaller images will not be affected.
  6. If you have multiple images for upload then they may be uploaded as a single item within a compressed ZIP file. The maximum file size for the *.zip file is 3Mb, any larger than this will cause the uplaod to fail.
  7. Any images not deemed as suitable for the subject of the website will be deleted and an email sent to the member explaining the reason for the deletion.
  8. Offensive image material will be immediately deleted and will result in the offender being banned from the website.
The information given above is subject to review and alteration at any time, although your rights as image(s) owner will not change.

Please remember to follow the instructions in the Email that will be sent to you to activate your account