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    Quote Originally Posted by BBC
    The QE2 owners are in final talks to move the ship to Cape Town in South Africa to become a hotel in time for the 2010 football World Cup.

    Cunard sold the Southampton-based liner for 50m to the United Arab Emirates real estate developer Nakheel.

    It had planned to refurbish the ship and open it as a floating hotel in Dubai but that has been put on hold.

    The QE2 will now go to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town, where there is a shortage of hotel rooms.

    Nakheel, which has a financial interest in the South African port, said the ship would be staying in Cape Town for 18 months.

    Many of the ship's huge worldwide fan club will be delighted that she's not being refurbished
    Paul Clifton
    BBC South's transport correspondent

    A spokesman for the firm said: "It has been our intention for some time to provide a short term opportunity to enjoy QE2 as a stationary hotel in her current condition before refurbishment begins.

    "It is clear that Cape Town provides the best opportunity for us to open QE2 to visitors as quickly as possible.

    "In addition, the forthcoming 2010 Football World Cup makes a sensible business case for moving her there."

    Paul Clifton, BBC South's transport correspondent, said: "The company planned to have QE2 as the star attraction of a big resort in Dubai.

    The QE2 leaves Southampton
    Thousands of people watched the vessel leave Southampton to fireworks

    "It has already built the mooring for it.

    "But Nakheel is a property developer and the recession has hit Dubai property values hard.

    "Nakheel has cancelled other projects and laid off hundreds of staff and contractors. QE2 is simply a victim of the recession.

    "But many of the ship's huge worldwide fan club will be delighted that she's not being refurbished but kept for now just as she is."

    He said the ship was expected to be moved to South Africa under its own power, but the sale contract with Cunard meant it could not carry passengers as a cruise ship.

    In a further statement, Nakheel said: "We are pleased to have received the support of the tourism minister and we will work in collaboration with the authorities to finalise plans for getting her there."

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    Yes, there were reports in the local press of her coming here but the Port Authorities could not (or would not) give any details. Due to her size she would not be able to enter the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront as reported and would most probably berth in the more commercial Duncan Dock.

    Brgds, Vector

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    It looks like she is not coming any more....

    QE2 changes course
    16 September 2009, 16:31

    By Clayton Barnes

    The Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) will not dock in Cape Town before next year's World Cup, says Brett Dungan, chief executive of the Federated Hospitality Association of Southern Africa (Fedhasa).

    Speaking during a parliamentary briefing yesterday, Dungan shocked MPs when he revealed that the QE2 would no longer berth in Cape Town before the World Cup.

    "I don't know exactly why they are not coming, but have been told that it's off and they won't be here," he said.

    Earlier this month, Cape Town port manager Sanjay Govan said the National Ports Authority had informed the vessel's Dubai-based owners that it was unsafe to berth in any of its terminal, because of space constraints.

    At the time he said Dubai World was in negotiations with other private terminal owners to find an alternative berth.

    Dungan also used the briefing to assure MPs on Parliament's tourism portfolio committee that the country would have enough accommodation next year.

    This came a day after Fifa general secretary Jerome Valcke voiced concern at the country's accommodation and travel plans for fans during the World Cup.

    "I am not worried about ticket sales but instead about accommodation," Valcke said during an interview with Germany's Kicker magazine.

    "It is our concern that every fan in the world who has bought a ticket also gets a flight and a room."

    But Dungan said there would be enough rooms for the number of visitors. The industry expected between 300 000 and 350 000 international visitors for the 30 days.

    He slammed weekend re-ports that Match, Fifa's hospitality partner, would rip off local establishments and was bullying establishments to sign up.

    He said 82 percent of the country's structured hotels and 13 percent of small businesses had already signed contracts with Match.


    * This article was originally published on page 4 of The Cape Argus on September 16, 2009

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    Default Westerdam

    What happened to you guys?

    "The Holland America cruise ship WESTERDAM arrived in Cape Town yesterday with well over a thousand visitors disembarking in the Mother City prior to touring South Africa and attending the Soccer World Cup. The ship was booked along with sister vessel NOORDAM to act as a floating hotel in South African ports but due to a lack of sufficient interest this scheme has been dropped. Westerdam nevertheless continued with her positioning voyage to South Africa because of the large number of passengers who booked in both directions. She will now proceed to Walvis Bay where the ship, along with a large number of her 800 crew will remain on layby until mid July when she sails back to Cape Town and then to Europe."

    The above from Ports and Ships Maritime News

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