1. Photo Naming Conventions
There are too many photos appearing in the gallery where the default digital image name is left as the image title, and where no description of the photo is supplied. This has to stop - immediately. The search function on the gallery is rendered totally useless if the image name and description (if supplied) do not give relevant information about the image. As a minimum members are expected to supply a short title (ie. Accord BCK262) and to include the port and date ( year if an old photo ) for reference. A short description about the image is desirable, but not a requirement. Please do NOT place large copyright marking on an image , small (c) markings are ok so long as they do not cover the vessel and in all cases images with markings linked to outside websites or other commercial companies will be deleted , this is to ensure that the site remains as it always has as a resource for our members and not used by others to advertise outside websites.

2. Multiple Images (one boat)
If you have multiple images of the same boat then please create a separate personal gallery for those images rather than upload them to the general gallery. This is done by following the 'My Albums' link near the top of the page and then the 'Create a new Album' link. To see some existing personal galleries follow the 'Personal Albums Index' in the 'Member Galleries' section of the gallery. I am creating a guide for creating these galleries, although anyone familiar with the site should be able to manage it without too many problems. Look at an existing personal gallery to get the idea of what information should be entered in the description.

3. Website Help and Image Searches
I get occasional emails asking for particular images of boats, or asking for help in uploading images. The best place for these type of queries, and the place where you will get the fastest response is by asking on these forums. That's what they're here for, so never feel that you can't ask a question. Just think on this...if you're struggling with something, then someone else may be too, and by asking the question and having it answered makes both the question and response visible to everyone in future. The guys that best know how the site works are those that use it continuously, so ask them!

4. Use of English
I've noticed some use of text speak creeping in to the site. Most people know what lol ( Laugh Out Loud ) means but the drastic shortening of words is making it difficult to understand for several of our members. In light of this can I ask that we stick to English only as we are attracting a large amount of visitors from outside the UK and we are receiving messages saying that although they love the site they cannot understand whats being typed below the photos.

5. Copyright issues.
Uploading photographs that you did not take yourself can cause the site serious problems if you do not have permission to do so. Copyright lasts from the date of the photograph being taken until 70 years after the photographer has died. For simplicity's sakes if you did not take the photograph yourself ( or one of your family ) and it was taken after 1960 then you will need to check with the Moderators first before uploading the image. Images lifted from other websites will be deleted without explanation. If a member continues to upload photo's they do not have permission to do so then they will have ALL of their photo's removed from the site. If they then upload further images they don't have permission for they will be banned from the site. This sounds draconian I know but breach of Copyright can lead to the site being forced to shut down and I think we all would prefer that didn't happen.

6. Image size
Images of vessels at extreme distance which do not show the vessel except in a very small size should not be uploaded to the site. There are 1 or 2 on the site showing how close the trawlers fish for Squid but I linked them to the large photo's of the boats concerned to show the vessels clearly. If you upload an image that is smaller than 600x400 then unless it is of a vessel with no other photo on the site it may well be deleted for being too small showing insufficient details.

7. Posting Links
Posting links to other commercial photographic websites ( and to any website that contains Porn / Violence / Drugs / etc ) is not allowed and will be deleted by Admin. Posting links under a vessel to a film on YouTube is permitted provided it shows the vessel that is in the Photograph and is clearly described as such.

8. Images from CD's bought or passed around ( including by Email )
No photos may be posted if they are sourced from any CD for sale on Ebay , over 98% of the images I have seen on those CD's belong to a member of this site and were sold without his permission and will be deleted without explanation. I you receive any photos from friends on CD or by Email and you cannot prove you know the photographer then do not upload them.