Ten held after security blunder

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Ten men have been arrested in the North West of England after Britain's most senior counter terrorism police officer sparked a security alert.

Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick said he "deeply regretted" revealing a secret document to photographers when he arrived for a briefing at No 10.

The document, clearly marked "secret", carried an outline briefing on an ongoing counter-terrorism operation.

The ten suspects were later arrested at locations across north-west England.

Two men outside the main library at Liverpool John Moores University were arrested by armed officers from the North West Counter-Terrorism Unit

Other students said they heard police shouting at the two suspects, then saw them lying face down on the floor.

Student panic

Witnesses said they were advised over the library loudspeaker to stay away from the windows for their own safety.

"Everyone was just panicking," one student told the BBC.

Other addresses raided by counter-terror officers, who were assisted by officers from Merseyside Police, Greater Manchester Police and Lancashire Constabulary, included an internet cafe in the Cheetham Hill area of Manchester and a guest house in Clitheroe, Lancashire.
Man being arrested
An image of a man being arrested at Liverpool John Moores University

Earlier on Wednesday press photographers in Downing Street snapped Mr Quick clutching a white document marked "secret" and containing the names of several senior officers, locations and details about the nature of the overseas threat. Details of the information revealed cannot be reported.

Mr Quick was attending the meeting in his role as lead for counter terrorism and for the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo).

On Wednesday evening he apologised to Met Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson for the slip.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "Assistant Commissioner Quick accepts he made a mistake on leaving a sensitive document on open view and deeply regrets it.

"He has apologised to the Commissioner and colleagues."

The cafe in the basement of a row of shops on a main road in Manchester has a sign outside advertising itself as Cyber Net Cafe and computer repair shop.

Witnesses said two men were taken from the cafe after police arrived.

Mesu Raza, who lives in a flat above the cafe, said: "I saw police arrest two people and put them in a police van. They had handcuffs on, they were Asian men, and the police were armed.

"Two police vans arrived outside the shop and there was more police went round the back. There were many officers and a large number of police vans."

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