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    I have read all the comments with regards to the Ross Revenge but there is something missing. I sailed on her in June 1966 and she is not the ship pictured here.
    1-: She was a side trawler but only one side port.
    2-: The starboard side had housed a freezing plant or something.
    3-: She seemed bigger than depicted.
    4-: We had a large crew 3 watch keeping cooks.
    5-: We fished 24/7 and fed the same.
    I was a chief cook MN who went fishing to beat the 1966 MN strike as I had a wife and 5 kids to sustain.
    I also sailed on a sniby called the Des out of Grimsby as cook deck hand.
    Now that was story about booze.

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    I think there was only 1 side trawler that was converted for a short while into a freezer trawler Dave and she was the Ross Fighter , rigged for fishing over the starboard side only , freezing plant on the port side.

    Photo of her :

    The Ross Revenge was originally a port and starboard side trawler built as the Freyr for Iceland ( built in West Germany ) and is still sitting in dock on the South Coast somewhere still called Ross Revenge and rigged with the Radio Caroline mast

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    She is currently moored in a private berth at Tilbury Docks and being restored back to her days as a radio vessel. Not be used of course more for an attraction.

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    Not too sure if you are still around fella but YOU are wrong on most every count!!! Yes, she was a side (conventional) trawler BUT yes, she fished both sides. NO she never did have a freezing plant on the starboard side. YES she was comparatively big! NO she never EVER did have three cooks only EVER one. YES we did fish 24/7.

    Perhaps you had a dram or two, possibly even three before you sailed on her, if at all?

    I sailed on her new to Grimsby and then again in later years, for a fair old while!

    I note you posted nine years ago...perhaps your memory has had chance to sort itself out?

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