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    I could really do with some urgent advice and maybe the name of a good lawyer specialising in fishing/maritime disputes. I am a haaf netter on the River Nith on the Solway Firth on the Scottish side. We have been using multifilament netting for about 10 years now, all of a sudden The Nith District Salmon Fisheries Board have decided they are illegal!!! They have taken legal advice and inform us that monofilament in the construction of a net is illegal. I have told them we do not use mono but multi, they reply doesn't matter it's the same thing!!! I quote from Statutory Instrument 1992 No 1974 (S.201)
    Part II regulation 8. "No monofilament netting shall be used in the construction of any net in fishing for or taking salmon". Who is right them or me??? They will not be happy until they have wiped us off the face of tne map!!! Any advice will be gratefully received!!! :
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