Caldercraft Fifie "Amaranth"
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    Default Caldercraft Fifie "Amaranth"

    Dear forum members,

    Does anyone have any information about the Caldercraft "Amaranth" kit; building it, suitable rc set-up, and photos? Any help would be much appreciated! Many thanks.


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    Default Fifies

    Hi Lugger,
    I have GRP hulls of Fifies and Zulus as follows

    Fifie -Reaper @36" which is suitabl4e for RC both sail and motor versions -56

    Zulu @ 36" as above

    and 20" Fifie and 22" Zulu which can sail but are best for display- 36
    If you want more info then e mail me on


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    Default Caldercraft Fifie "Amaranth"

    Dear Bill,

    Many thanks for your message about your Fifie hulls. It is good to know that these are available, should I ever decide to scratch build one of these boats.


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