The 60th anniversary Nor-Fishing should have been taking place this year – but a digital event takes its place

This August should have seen the 60th anniversary of the Nor-Fishing exhibition taking place in Trondheim – until Covid-19 forced the event’s cancellation, and for a variety of reasons the organisers decided against setting an alternative date, but are going ahead with a digital exhibition to take place on the original planned dates.

‘For a long time, we have had a vision of organising a digital event as an addition to the traditional exhibition. The recent situation has accelerated the work of launching Nor-Fishing Digital,’ a spokesperson for the Nor-Fishing Foundation announced commenting that they intend with Nor-Fishing 2020 Digital we will set the standard for digital fairs.

The Nor-Fishing Foundation aims to set some new standards with this digital event in August

‘We want to give visitors a truly unique viewing experience – and we will facilitate the interaction between exhibitors and viewers – as it should be during a trade show.’

The setup is expected to be close to that of a live TV broadcast, with Norwegian TV personality (and seafood trader) Arne Hjeltnes presenting during the exhibition.

In addition to being able to follow the live stream directly, the entire fair will be posted to the Nor-Fishing website, so that the digital fair will still be available after the event is over.

Following Nor-Fishing 2020 Digital is completely free of charge for viewers.

The exact timing has not yet been decided, but the digital event will run over two or three days during Nor-Fishing week of 18th-21st August. A detailed program will be announced in advance.

‘The exhibition is a very important international meeting point for members of the fisheries sector, and an important arena for presenting new technology to the industry. Nor-Fishing 2020 Digital will re-create the physical marketplace that Nor-Fishing represents, in a new and exciting format,’ the foundation’s spokesperson said.

‘Exhibitors will be be able to be presented with new technology, have a dialogue with customers through the chat function – and arrange their own digital meetings with other viewers. This will be an arena for presentations, dialogue and trade between exhibitors and visitors.’

Exhibitors’ contributions can be in the form of a movie or they can buy studio time where a representative from the company is interviewed by the program host. Details about this will be sent directly to our exhibitors.
‘We have already checked the interest in the new digital meeting place among several of our largest exhibitors, and have a received positive response. In the weeks ahead we will contact all our exhibitors to find out who is interested in participating.’