Jupiter was built at Langsten Slip in Norway in 1994

Gųta-based fishing company Varšin has sold pelagic vessel Jupiter to Kollafjöršur company Northwest Pelagic in Kollafjųršur.

Jįkup Jacobsen and Jógvan Martin Ferjį shake on the sale of Jupiter. Image: Varšin

Jupiter has been sold without quotas and was expected to be back at sea for its new owner right away with the same crew who will remain on board for a few blue whiting trips. The name remains with the vessel, and only the registration changes – from FD-42 to VN-99.

Jupiter had previously been operated by P/F Driftin, which was subsequently acquired by Varšin along with Jupiter.

According to reports from the Faroes, Jupiter has been sold now that pelagic vessel Tróndur ķ Gųtu, which has been laid up for an extended period due to a gear failure, is now again ready for sea. As Varšin last year acquired Gitte Henning from Denmark to plug the gap, Tróndur ķ Gųtu coming back into service leaves the company with excess capacity.