The Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association is certified by Friend of the Sea

Friend of the Sea has certified the Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association (ASBTIA), a pioneer in tuna farming, for sustainable practices in seafood production.

The numerous brands associated with the association can now display the Friend of the Sea eco-label on their products.

‘ASBTIA has a long track record of innovation in fish farming and a commitment to environmentally sound practices,’ said Paolo Bray, Director of Friend of the Sea.

‘We are honoured that ASTBIA belongs to our family of certified companies.’

Based at Port Lincoln in southern Australia, ASBTIA represents the Australian southern bluefin tuna (SBT) industry. This species, Thunnus maccoyii, has been a successful element of the Australian fishing industry since the 1940s.

ASBTIA has worked to define quotas to avoid over-fishing. They have been a leader in global tuna farming since 1991.

ASBTIA works to maintain a high level of quality and performance, combined with a philosophy of continuous improvement and full traceability. Member companies include Tony’s Tuna, Marnikol Fisheries, Sekol Farmed Tuna, Dinko Tuna Farmers, Sarin Marine Farm, Sarin Group, Stehr Group, Eyre Tuna, AFE, ATF and Blaslov Fishing.