Møreforskning and Rimfrost are collaborating on research into krill as a protein source. Image: Rimfrost

A new collaboration between research organisation Møreforsking and and krill producer Rimfrost AS aims to examine the possibilities of protein from krill.

The Research Council of Norway has granted Rimfrost’s 2019 application for a Business Innovation Project: Onboard smart manufacturing of Antartic krill. Protein for targeted human application (KrillSOFT).

‘We see great possibilities in krill as a raw material. Therefore, we have already done lot of research on this. By initiating a new co-operation with Møreforsking, we will further strengthen our knowledge on krill’s nutritious effects on humans and animals,’ said Inge Bruheim, Rimfrost’s VP Research and Development.

‘To find new use of marine resources is one of our core activities,’ explained Møreforsking’s director Agnes Gundersen.

‘We are looking forward to applying our knowledge and experience on this project. Especially our knowledge on protein and peptide functions in krill, and our know-how on characterising nutritional quality and functional benefits for the human body. We are expecting some interesting results.’

The project will span over a three-year period, starting 1st May at the latest. The collaborators are Rimfrost (co-ordinator), Møreforsking Ålesund, NTNU Ålesund and the University of Bergen.

Moreforsking Ålesund will as Work Package Leader contribute its expertise on biochemistry, cellular biology and development of functional marine ingredients, especially through research on the protein/ peptide functional constituents of the krill raw material and the characterisation of their nutritional quality.

Møreforsking’s project manager is Miroslava Atanassova. The project has a budget of NoK 9 million and the Research Council provides funding for 50% of it. The rest is funded by Rimfrost.