Zenit has been built for JSC Arktikservis. Image: Marine Engineering Bureau

Russian fishing company JSC Arktikservis has taken delivery of crabbing vessel Zenit, built in Turkey to an ST-184 AS design and documentation developed by Skipsteknisk and the Marine Engineering Bureau.

The 61.90 metre, 15 metre beam Zenit is built to deploy traps to depths of as much as 400 metres to fish for Kamchatka and opilio crab, with catches processed and stored in the refrigerated fishroom. The design includes facilities for delivering frozen catches to reefer vessels at sea.

Zenit is built to an ST-184 AS design. Image: Tersan

Throughput capacity is expected to be around 30 tonnes per day for opilio crab for 20 tonnes of finished product, and when working on Kamchatka crab Zenit should be able to produce 40 tonnes per day rom 60 tonnes of crab.

The deck and processing layout has a reception and sorting area feeding selected crab to a 60 cubic metre vivier tank while juvenile crab are sent back overboard. The vivier tank is where crab are washed in disinfected sea water and the tank is divided into three sections, each with a rising bottom.

Crab for processing go to a handling and area for cooking and cooling before being weighed, packed and frozen in the refrigerated fishroom. Zenit has a secondary refrigerated store for bait.

The deck is laid out with haulers and reception facilities for both single and traps and those laid in strings. The two electric-hydraulic cranes are part of the gear handling layout, as well as being used for unloading products and loading bait and stores. Each has a 1 tonne/20 metre reach and the cranes are operated from a control cabin or remotely using a radio control system.

A pair of aft booms are for transhipping products at sea.

Zenit has a 2555kW main engine which also powers a 1700kW shaft generator, with additional power supplied by a 940kW genset and a 350kW harbour genset. There is a flap rudder and additional manoeuvrability is supplied by the 600kW bow and 450kW stern thrusters.

Accommodation on board is for a crew of up to 38 in single and double cabins, and the crew have access to a gym and sauna.