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    Talking Sussex Sea Fisheries

    Since Dad bought the Royela in 1976 the Sussex Sea Fisheries patrolled the inshore waters making sure that we didnt stray inside the 3 mile exclusion if we would
    One day they had 8 phone calls from irate Dungeness fishermen and 1 phone call from a fishermans wife (obviously too scared to phone himself)
    The following week they had 5 phone calls from irate Hastings fishermen......i guess we didnt have as many friends as we thought

    We were Scalloping (accidently) inside the 3 mile limit off Dungeness this day when someone warned of an "unidentified fast grey boat approaching" on the vhf.
    "Shit......I'm on my last warning" Dad said
    I had a cunning plan
    We wound back the gear to the 25 ftm marks and hit the throttle and steamed for shore.
    As the fishery boat approached alongside I eased back on the throttle and hung out the window.
    Dad took up his place in the deception in the engine room which by now was about 130 degrees !!!!!!
    "What are doing ?" came the call from the officer.
    "We've caught an anchor or summit and busted the winch belt trying to heave it up, so Dads down below trying to repair that while I get us into the shallows to try and get this lot aboard and dump it out the way" I replied.
    Brilliant i thought, the perfect excuse, we got away with it hopefully.
    "Tell your Dad I'd like to speak to him" the officer replied
    **** it we've been rumbled !!!
    Dad came up from down below like a soggy cat, I never seen so much persperation on a forehead !!!!!
    "Hi Stan, just thought I'd wish you a Happy New Year" the officer said.
    I thought ...... is he taking the p***
    "Oh and the Sussex Sea Fisheries Commitee has issued you with a exemption certificate to fish inside the 3 mile limit as you're the only boat in this area over 12 metres"
    I said "When is this effective from ?"
    He said "As of last week"
    Dad said "Wish I'd known that an hour ago, I just sweated 2 stone down below, lost a haul and panicked I was gonna get another fine"
    He said "I'll let you get on with that anchor"
    Dad said........."What anchor"

    Just goes to show......sometimes you can be too cunning and it bites you in the arse

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    Lucky you, If that was ireland you would be in gaol by now1 not for anything major Mind you but just to make it look like their doing something1

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    Its only a bylaw although we did get caught 3 times i think and the last time in court they threatened to revoke his licence
    Its nice that we can look back and laugh but times have changed and they are definately getting stricter on penalties.
    The fun went for me towards the end, i think we decom. at the right time

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