Nine fishing companies in Greenland have between them funded the addition of a simulator for the Greenland Maritime Center. Image: Kongsberg

Nine fishing companies have donated in total DKK3.2 million (€430,000) to the Greenland Maritime Center, for a K-Sim Fishery simulator from Kongsberg Digital.

The first of its kind in country, the K-Sim Fishery simulator is scheduled for installation in 2020 and will enable students to gain vital skills in a variety of fishing situations, including aft deck operations.

Introduced by Kongsberg Digital in 2018, K-Sim Fishery is based on sophisticated K-Sim Navigation simulator technology, with added functionality and instruments specific to commercial fishing, including Kongsberg Maritime (Simrad) echo sounders, sonars and trawl monitoring systems.

‘We are proud to work with Greenland Maritime Centre and deliver training solutions that support sustainability in fishery operations,’ said Kongsberg Digital Senior VP Tone-Merete Hansen. Image: Kongsberg

The new K-Sim Fishery simulator will be supplied as an upgrade to one of Greenland Maritime Center’s existing K-Sim Navigation bridge simulators. This includes the addition of a highly detailed fishing vessel model with advanced hydrodynamic modelling, customised to simulate conditions in Greenland waters.

In addition, this will feature new consoles and instruments for training in manoeuvring, fish finding and fishing. Included are also instruments for deck operations, to address the risk elements associated with deck activities.

‘K-Sim Fishery addresses all aspects of safety and catch performance on a fishing vessel. Students will become familiar with bridge operations for navigation and best practice on using the hydroacoustic systems to locate and detect ideal catches. The aft deck simulation will help to prepare crews for the hazardous work they face at sea,’ said Bent Olesen, Head of Education at Greenland’s Maritime Center.

‘I am proud that the industry is supporting us to deliver the most advanced training for fishing vessel crews, and I am very grateful that they are committed to enabling young people to build vital sea skills.’

The companies are Royal Greenland, Polar Seafood, Arctic Prime Fisheries, Ice Trawl Greenland, Niisa Trawl, Qajaq Trawl, Qaleralik, Sigguk A/S and Sikuaq Trawl.

‘We are proud to work with Greenland Maritime Centre and deliver training solutions that support sustainability in fishery operations. Interest in K-Sim Fishery keeps growing as more companies and training organisations understand the unique training benefits it enables,’ said Tone-Merete Hansen, Senior VP at Kongsberg Digital.

‘We continue to develop the system based on the industry’s training requirements and have some significant updates that will broaden the simulators application scope in the coming years.’