Sonjan FN-338 has been built for Jan and Martin Søndergaard Larsen

Jan and Martin Søndergaard Larsen didn’t travel far for their new trawler Sonjan FN-338, which was delivered in October.

They work from Strandby in northern Denmark, which is also home to Jobi Værft, a yard that has been transformed by owners Jesper and Bjarke Faurholt from a solely repair business to a yard capable of also delivering new vessels.

They have already expanded the Strandy yard, adding new office and workshop space, and the intention is to build more new vessels.

After a long period of many years when there were no newbuildings, Jobi Værft has in the last couple of years built up an orderbook of half a dozen 17-24 metre trawlers that have been completed or are on order.

‘We look forward to demonstrating that we can do this type of work. We hope, of course, that this will be noticed by the industry so that the newbuilding sector can grow for us in the future, because we have all the skills and all the necessary facilities to handle newbuilding projects,’ explained Jesper Faurholt.

Sonjan is built to fish for whitefish, flatfish and langoustine. Its hull was constructed in Poland for completion at Strandby. The design of the 22 metre LOA, 7 metre beam Sonjan was developed by Frederikshavn naval architect ShipCon ApS in co-operation with Jobi Værft.

Sonjan is powered by a 447kW Caterpillar C18 main engine which drives a 2500mm diameter VP1o propeller via a CPGD50 reduction gear. SeaMech supplied the management system for the engine and controllable pitch propeller. Hundested supplied the propeller and the FT3 bow thruster. Pon Power supplied the main engine, as well as the pair of 80kW Caterpillar C4.4 gensets.

Sonjan christened at the Strandby quayside

AS:Scan supplied both the hydraulic package on board and the MT-1600 steering gear.
Sonjan has a 22,000 litre fuel capacity and tank space for 14,000 litres of fresh water, plus 6000 litres of process water.

Accommodation on board is for a crew of four.

The fishroom is chilled for storing boxed catches and the catch handling deck is fitted out with a processing system designed and installed by KM Fish Machinery and Jobi Værft.

SeaMech delivered Sonjan’s Scanbas 365 trawl sensor system, with flow, codend, and double distance sensors for monitoring doors and clump.

So far this year Jobi Værft has delivered Emilie FN-267 to Rasmus and Ejner Klitlund, and Jeanne FN-462 Jeanne to Svend-Erik Andersen and Peter Husth. The yard has also signed contracts for 17 metre netter/seine netter August HM-95, to be delivered to Thorup Strand owners Bjerggaard ApS, Thorup Strand, and for a 24 metre whitefish trawler for S 281 Elin ApS, to be delivered next summer.