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    Did anyone see the Discovery Channel program last night,World's Toughest Tribes. He was in Newlyn for 3 weeks on 2 inshore boats first and then on the beamer ,Billy Rownie. It is worth catching as it will be repeated i'd say.He didn't say it but I get the feeling he felt that fishing was tougher than any of the jobs he has done throughout the series. I will watch all the trawlermen episodes on the weekend as I missed monday and have them all been taped for me.

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    I didn't see the programme, but I suspect that may be the Billy Rownie in the Trawlerphotos banner at the top of the page. I'll have to go back through my photos to check...

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    Talking toughest tribes

    i saw this, it was great. there is no way he will be going back for a second try

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    Default is it so hard

    all this talk i hear about the hard life why do it? i started with salvasen on the fairtrys in the 60s been all over greenland,newfoundland,alaska, and for the last 25 years here in norway for me fishing has got a lot easier when i talk to my sons who are both on norwegian trawlers they cant belive what we went through on the old sidewinders.
    no boys if i wanted to here about hard and tough think id be talking to my grandfather

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