Nesfiskur’s new Baldvin Njálsson is expected to be delivered in late 2021

Icelandic fishing company Nesfiskur has placed an order for a new factory trawler to be built at the Armon yard in Spain.

Aflafréttir reports that the new Baldvin Njálsson will replace an older vessel that was built at the same yard in Vigo – back when it was Astilleros Santo Domingo, which was subsequently taken over by Armon. The new trawler and its predecessor carry the name of the company’s founder, who passed away in 2000, and the contract for the new Baldvin Njálsson was signed on his birthday, 30th August.

The new trawler is a Skipasýn design, with a 66.30 metre overall length and an 15 metre beam. Although designed as a filleter freezer trawler, there are no plans to place meal production or high-tech portioning equipment on board.

The new Baldvin Njálsson is scheduled to be delivered to Iceland in late 2021 and is expected to start fishing in early 2020.