The Russian Fishing Company and the Admiral G. Nevelsky Maritime State University in Vladivostok are co-operating to provide crews with training and professional development. Image: RFC

The Russian Fishery Company (RFC) has struck a co-operation agreement with the Admiral G. Nevelsky Maritime State University in Vladivostok, which will provide training and professional development for the company’s crews.

With a fleet of sophisticated new fishing vessels on the way, RFC aims to embark on specialised training for its staff at the University’s training centre, the only one of its kind in the region.

Training will be to STCW standard, covering studies for both deck and engine room departments.

‘There’s no good fishing without good fishermen, without professionals. We are implementing a large-scale programme for updating the fishing fleet, and over the next five years in the Far East we will take delivery of eleven supertrawlers,’ said RFC CEO Fedor Kirsanov.

‘Work on these trawlers requires a high level of specialist training and qualification. Together with our partners at the Maritime State University, we are launching a training programme for crew. We are pleased that the University, which traditionally trains personnel for the merchant fleet, has also paid attention to fishermen.’

Training will take place at complexes that fully simulate fishing vessel systems and equipment.

With financial backing from RFC, the new training centre is equipped with a special fishing module that simulates shooting and hauling trawls. The module is part of the navigation simulator and provides an aft wheelhouse console simulator. This is designed to help seafarers learn how to safely control a trawler in conditions as close as possible to reality, and to develop their navigation skills.