Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port OJSC reports that he volume of seafood handled has continued to grow, with 42,000 tonnes handled in August alone. Image: Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port OJSC

In cargo turnover terms, Vladivostok has since 1938 been Russia’s second busiest port overall, while generally being the country’s top port for handling seafood production.

Today Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port OJSC has doubled its volume of seafood throughput over the last ten years, and has seen a 20% growth in the first eight months of this year as the volume increased to 220,000 tonnes.

Despite the problems presented by adverse weather in August this year, the port was able to handle record amounts at 42,000 tonnes, a 16% increase on the same month in 2018. Traffic also increased, with 170 vessel calls.

Discharged products are stored at the port’s 28,000 tonne cold storage capacity, or shipped directly by road or rail.

According to a spokesman for Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port OJSC, the port has a 47% share of Far East fisheries production passing through it, and this is a long way from the limit of the port’s capacity as it could handle 500,000 tonnes of seafood production annually.