Teige Rederi’s Sunny Lady will be the eleventh fishing vessel design from Salt Ship Design

Norwegian fishing company Teige Rederi has placed an order with the Cemre yard in Turkey for a new pelagic vessel designed by Salt Ship Design, and has confirmed the sale of pelagic vessel Leikvin to Austevoll company H Østervold AS.

The focus of the new 86 metre, 18 metre breadth pelagic trawler/purse seiner is firmly on environmental factors as the new ship will be optimised for maximum energy efficiency with a 350 cubic metre LNG tank in combination with diesel tank capacity and a large battery pack.

‘This will save emissions of climate-harmful NOx, equivalent to 50,000 passenger cars. We want to drive forward sustainable fish harvesting, and for us it is important to reduce the climate impact in the time ahead,’ said boat owner Sigurd Teige.

The new fishing vessel will be named Sunny Lady. The name is historical and inherited from a former LNG vessel that the shipping family previously owned. The contracts were signed by all parties on Friday 7th September.

‘Sunny Lady will be built with a focus on efficiency and environmental thinking,’ Sigurd Teige said, commenting that with a forward-looking fishing vessel design and environmental thinking, the aim is to build a ship that is as energy-efficient as possible and which meets future requirements for emissions and climate considerations.

Teige Rederi today includes the shipping companies Teigebris AS and Teige Rederi AS, which are owners of the pelagic vessels Sjøbris and Leikvin, which has now been sold to H Østervold.