MPIís new Jetmaster cage cleaning system will be shown for the first time at this yearís Aqua-Nor in Trondheim

As well as displaying the worldís fastest remote-controlled automated farm cage cleaning robots at this yearís AquaNor exhibition in Trondheim, aquaculture cage washing experts Multi Pump Innovation (MPI) have announced that they will also unveil their latest technology at this important event in the aquaculture industryís calendar.

This prototype will be of great interest to many, as MPI are already known as leaders in the manufacture of reliable and robust high speed, remote-controlled washing and cleaning robots that can remove all marine growth from fish cages in just one hour.

MPIís new Jetmaster cage cleaning system will be shown for the first time at this yearís Aqua-Nor in Trondheim

This latest new technology comes in the form of the JetMaster Ė a result of MPIís ongoing investment in its R&D division to bring even greater speed and stronger technology to their customers Ė and if its anywhere near as successful as MPIís previous models Ė then it is assured of a bright future.
While the MPI company has been the clear leader in the international market for the past decade with more than 750 MPI systems currently in use on fish farms of all sizes worldwide, the JetMaster is sure to attract interest as this version includes several innovations to offer the industry a wider choice when it comes to choosing a cleaner that suits their particular needs.

The Jetmaster is based on MPIís strong reputation for cage washing hardware but it is of major interest to hear that the JetMaster will be fully thruster driven with RIM-thrusters​ and, with additional water jets, this model does away with the need for belts to help it climb and adhere to the cage meshes as it goes about its cleaning work. The JetMaster will also have the ability to wash from the outside of the nets and wash lice skirts and other structures outside the pen itself.

As a result of its extra jets, the JetMaster also carries the ability to easily clean marine growth at the waterline (and above) line of the cage.

As it is steerable in all directions, the new JetMaster is certainly a technology leap and, with plans for this new technology to carry a very competitive price in comparison to alternative products in the market, the exhibiting of this new model at AquaNor is sure to attract much interest at MPIís Stand No. U-816 as it will go into extensive field testing immediately after the exhibition where customers will be invited to the MPI test facility to see it in action.