Royal Greenlandís new trawler Sisimuit was christened at the Nuuk quayside this week. Image: Royal Greenland

Royal Greenlandís new factory trawler was christened this week in a ceremony in Nuuk, with one of the companyís staff, Anja Evaldsen, wielding the traditional bottle to send the new ship on its way.

In fact, Sisimiut has already started fishing successfully since its delivery by Spanish shipyard Astilleros de Murueta, and Royal Greenland CEO Mikael Thinghuus described the new ship as a Ďa member of the family and a technological marvelí in his speech to the guests who attended the ceremony.
This new Sisimiut is the third trawler to carry the name Ė and is twice the size of the trawler it replaces, which is now fishing for Icelandic company ThorbjŲrn.

Sisimiutís godmother Anja Evaldsen, who looks after the companyís payroll, was given the honour of christening the new ship. Image: Royal Greenland

ĎWe are together today to welcome and baptize the newest, largest and most modern member of Royal Greenlandís trawler family,í Mikael Thinghuus told the guests.

ĎWe have chosen to celebrate the arrival and baptism of our latest family member with all of you here in Nuuk, right next to Royal Greenlandís headquarters.í

He commented that the new trawler, in spite of its capacity, does not have a higher fuel consumption than its predecessor and it has capability for full utilisation of all catches.

ĎThis new Sisimiut is designed with the focus on respect for sustainable resources and the environment. The new Sisimiut will utilise one hundred percent of its catches as it has its own meal and oil production on board. There will simply be no discards any more,í he said.

ĎLike Royal Greenland, this is owned by all 56,000 Greenlanders, we can take pride in presenting this as an investment in Greenlandic fisheries. Itís an investment that enhances fishing opportunities, efficiency and quality, while improving sustainability,í Mikael Thinghuus said, welcoming the guests present on board Sisimiut.

ĎI would like to thank all the suppliers and partners in and outside Greenland who have helped to create this technological marvel.í