Greenlandic trawler Svend C is one of the largest fishing vessels to be dry-docked in Iceland. Image: Slippurinn

Greenlandic freezer trawler Svend C has been in dry dock at the Slippurinn yard in Akureyri, and sailed last week after work had been carried out on board.

HB Grandiís pelagic vessel Venus has also been on the slipway at the yard for routine maintenance and longliner ÷rvar has also been there for its shaft to be pulled as part of its maintenance schedule before heading back to sea this weekend.

The yard remains busy, as trawlers Drangey and Gullver have already arrived for their slots on the slipway next week.

The work carried out on Sikuaq Trawlís Svend C was extensive and at 83.50 metres and with a 17 metre beam, this was one of the largest fishing vessels to have been dry-docked in Iceland.

ĎA variety of jobs were completed on Svend C, including alterations to the shrimp and pelagic production lines that were done in co-operation with Carsoe, new anti-roll equipment, maintenance to the RSW system and alterations to the rudder, as well as other minor jobs that needed to be done,í said yard project manager Gunnar Tryggvason.

ĎItís a big plus for the yard to be able to offer a variety of services and to take on jobs on this scale. In recent years we have been seeing more Greenlandic companies bringing their vessels here, which is very positive.í