These pictures might just seem like a couple of guys enjoying a few leisurely hours at sea with a couple of fishing rods?

According to our members that’s not the case. They are a group of French Nationals that have been coming “on holiday” to West Kerry for over a decade. They operate a number of boats like this, fishing for pollack. Reports from our members say the catch is filleted, frozen and brought back to France. The process goes on for the summer months. These photos were taken at 7 am. These guys appear to be very dedicated to their chosen leisure activity.

Some of our members have invested heavily in developing a hook and line fishery for pollack over the years. They have had to buy Tonnage/KWs and have to keep their boats in compliance with a Safty code of practice. They tell us they find it difficult to compete with these guys.

Our members inform us that they have raised this matter with the SFPA over the years, but nothing can be done because they are “recreational” fishers and don’t need a license once they don’t sell their catch. We can only assume the eat nothing but pollack for the nine months of the year they spend at home France!?

Maybe it’s not illegal, but our members have asked us to highlight this activity, they ask if they traveled to France and did the same thing would it be seen as acceptable over there ??