Hi Folks,

I just wanted to let you know about a new heritage project in Campbeltown which is focussing on Campbeltown Shipyard Ltd. The project is open to anyone who has a story or an image to share about the Yard; it's employees, the boats built there and their skippers and crews....

The aim is create an online archive of biographies, information, anecdotes, photos, footage and memorabilia and tell the story if the yard in the words of those who worked there or who crewed her boats. The project won't keep any photos or memorabilia - it simply wants to be able to share scanned or photographed images, which will be fully credited to their owner. These would also be used for an exhibition in Campbeltown Town Hall, early 2020, to celebrate the launch of the first boat built there, the Crimson Arrow CN30 in 1970.

There is a web site which you can visit for more information:

and a Facebook page:

I hope that some of you here on the forum will be able to get involved.

We would also like to try and speak to the authors of the book, "Fishing Boats of Campbeltown Shipyard" Sam Henderson and Peter Drummond, so if any of you know them, can you please let them know about the project.

Many thanks!