Karstensens Skibsværft will build the new 63 metre Antarctic for the McHugh family. Image: Karstensens

There’s hardly a year goes by when Karstensens doesn’t sign an order for a new vessel at the Aberdeen exhibition, and this year was no exception as the contract was signed at the show for a new 62 metre Antarctic.

Teresa and Eamon McHugh have run the family’s fishing business for 25 years in Killybegs, starting with the first Antarctic which was bought from Eamon’s brother Kevin. Today sons Eamon J and Gerard are both closely involved with the business, as Eamon J runs the shore side and Gerard sails as the present 51 metre Antarctic’s skipper.

The new pelagic vessel’s design is based on Karstensen’s successful 63 metre model, and these are already in widespread use across northern Europe. Scheduled for delivery in July 2021, the new Antarctic will measure 62.60 metres overall with a 12.80metre beam and a depth to the shelterdeck of 7.80 metres.

The contract for the new Antarctic was signed at the Skipper Expo in Aberdeen. Image: Karstensens

The main engine will be a MAN 9L27/38, with 930 and 550kWe Caterpillar auxiliaries.

‘We are delighted with this contract, which underscores the shipyard’s position as the prime designer and builder of larger pelagic fishing vessels,’ the yard’s Kent Damgaard said.

‘Karstensens Shipyard has, for the time being, orders for no less than eleven pelagic vessels to be delivered over the next two years. We offer a complete concept, optimised and tailored to customer specifications and requirements. Karstensens is independent of all suppliers, which makes such optimisation very flexible.’

He added that the specifications for the new Antarctic have been finalised to Eamon McHugh’s specifications, and the arrangements, design and specifications are the result of close co-operation between the owners and the yard.
‘The main focus has been on optimising working conditions, safety and comfort for the crew, and optimising catch handling and storage facilities, and fuel consumption,’ he said.

He added that this order is of particular note as a number of Irish companies are prominent among the suppliers, including SeaQuest which will be supplying the winches, cranes and fish pumps, and KER Group supplying the RSW and vacuum discharge systems. Electronics will be supplied by Barry Electronics.