O. Husby has been awarded Norges Råfisklag’s prize for outstanding catch quality. Image: O. Husby Fiskebåtrederi AS

Freezer autoliner O. Husby has been named the Norwegian company landing outstanding quality fish by Norges Råfisklag at its annual meeting. O. Husby has consistently delivered top quality fish that buyers compete for.
According to Norges Råfisklag’s Charles A Aas, most of O. Husby’s catches are sold through the organisation’s auction and are very much in demand from buyers.
‘This year’s winner’s products are used for saltfish, salted fillets and fillets products and are sold to demanding customers around the world. In Norway you’ll find their fish in the Norgesgruppen’s retail outlets. Their catches are also sold direct to producers overseas, and if you have been to England and have eaten Fish & Chips, then there’s a chance you’ve eaten fish from this particular vessel,’ he said and added that O. Husby’s fish has also been selected by the exceptionally demanding Marks & Spencer.

The skipper and crew of O. Husby can be proud of the award for landing the highest quality fish. Image: O. Husby Fiskebåtrederi AS

The focus on quality is something that the owners grew up with and inherited from their father, who was always determined that the boat should always deliver the best possible quality. O. Husby is owned and operated by O. Husby Fiskebåtrederi AS, which is a family company run by siblings Ingvald John Husby, Jorunn Husby Nekstad and Anne Husby Dyrseth.
‘This is a joint effort from everyone on board that gives us this high quality fish. Receiving this award therefore means a lot to us,’ said Ingvald John Husby on behalf of the company.
Secretary of State for the Minister of Fisheries Roy Angelvik presented the award at the Norges Råfisklag annual meeting.
‘With a focus on quality at all stages of the value chain, there is great potential for greater value creation in the fishing industry,’ Roy Angelsen said.
‘If we are to develop further as a seafood nation, we are dependent on Norwegian fishermen delivering high quality products.’
O. Husby was built in 1998 at Larsnes Mekaniske and has been modernised several times. Catches are frozen on board.