VSV’s trawler Breki has landed more than 1200 tonnes during march. Image: Skipasýn

Westman Islands fishing company VSV has seen its groundfish fleet doing exceptionally well during the last month.

Fresher trawler Breki made landings totalling 1200 tonnes during March, which is a record for the ship.
‘Breki has been doing fantastically,’ said Sverrir Haraldsson, head of the company’s groundfish division.
‘The ship has performed extremely well. It has been fishing steadily and any problems have been solved by the engineers on board in co-operation with our people ashore,’ he said commenting that a few difficulties and delays are to be expected when a company starts operating a new ship, but there have been no serious problems. ‘And Breki has an outstanding crew,’ he said.
Breki’s landings in March have been mixed fish; haddock, redfish, saithe and cod.
‘It’s all excellent fish, and in an ideal catch combination,’ Sverrir Haraldsson said.
Three of VSV’s other fishing vessels are also celebrating a successful month. Brynjólfur has landed more than 1000 tonnes of groundfish since the beginning for the year, starting the winter season trawling before switching over the gill netting in mid-February.
Kap II has landed more than 850 tonnes since the end of January, following a refit that kept it tied up during the early part of the year before starting gillnetting.
Since starting fishing in January, Drangavík has landed 1300 tonnes of cod, haddock, saithe, plaice and other species.