The winches for Neeltje were tested at Naust Marine in Vigo before delivery to the Nodosa yard. Image: Naust Marine

Naust Marine has delivered a package of electric winches and a control system for a new twin-rigger/seine netter under construction at Nodosa for Dutch owners, and is working on a second system for a sister vessel being built at the same yard.

According to Naust Marine, Cornelis de Boer of the Urk-based Osprey Group is one of the first in the Dutch fleet to opt for electric deck equipment instead of a conventional hydraulic setup. The winch and control systems for Neeltje were tested at Naust Marine’s facilities in Spain which can test tensions of up to 100 tonnes, with tensions, speed and other aspects of the winch functionality successfully tried out.

The package of equipment for Neeltje includes two seine/trawl winches and a mid-wire winch for twin rigging, as well as a pair of net drums and two auxiliary winches. Also includes are electrical cabinets with water-cooled motors for the main winches, and an ATW energy management system.

A sister vessel, Good Hope, is under construction at Nodosa for Louwe de Boer and will be fitted with an identical Naust Marine system.