Both Dutch-flagged and UK-flagged fishing vessels will be affected by a No Deal Brexit

Both the Dutch authorities and Dutch fishermen’s federations are treating the possibility of a No Deal Brexit as a distinct likelihood.

According to fishermen’s body VisNed, the industry is encouraged to by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Food Quality to be prepared for a No Deal outcome. For the Dutch fleet, this means that they could be excluded from UK fishing grounds from 0000 on 30th March, while for UK-flagged vessels, there are implications for landings.

VisNed has told its members that according to the Ministry, a No Deal is not unlikely, while it reports that the UK authorities have been giving British fishermen the same message.

‘From the very first moment, from 000 on 30 March, if there is no deal, the EU will treat the flow of goods from the UK as a third country, with all the consequences that entails,’ VisNed reports.

With only a few weeks to go, votes due to take place in the UK Parliament this week will be crucial in deciding the Brexit outcome.

‘The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Food Quality is providing information about the expected consequences for the Channel, the southern North Sea and the English Banks. A compensation scheme for fishing companies that are affected by a No Deal scenario is in preparation,’ VisNed reports.

‘We are in constant contact with the Ministry, with DEFRA and the MMO in the UK, and with customs and the tax authorities. Although in view of the uncertainty, it is not easy to respond to Brexit, it is important to make preparations. The most up-to-date information is available through VisNed and businesses with questions are encouraged to contact the VisNed secretariat,’ VisNed said.