Zephyr on its way from Marine Projects in Gdansk to Larsnek Mek Verksted in Norway for delivery this summer. Image: Marine Projects Ltd

A partly outfitted, Skipsteknisk-designed pelagic trawler for Shetland owners has set off from Gdansk for the Larsnes Mek Verksted yard in western Norway which will fit out and complete the 75 metre vessel.

Zephyr is being built for the Zepyr Fishing Company in Lerwick to a Skipsteknisk ST-125 design. The partly outfitted hull has been built by Marine Projects Ltd and is a co-operation with Larsnes Mek Verksted, which is due to deliver the completed vessel this summer.

The new Zephyr has a 75.40 metre overall length with a 15 metre breath and a depth to the main deck of 6.30 metres. It will have 2500 cubic metres of RSW capacity.

The main engine is a 6960kW Wärtsilä 12V33 main engine expected to provide a 17-knot speed, and powering a 3100kW Brunvoll shaft generator.

Zephyr is designed to carry a crew of up to fourteen.