O Yang 77 was detected fishing in Argentina’s EEZ. Image: Prefectura

O Yang 77 being escorted to Comodoro Rivadavia. Image: Prefectura

Coastguard officers boarding the trawler. Image: Prefectura

Argentina’s Coastguard has arrested a South Korean fishing vessel in its waters, after which it was escorted to the port of Comodoro Rivadavia.

The incident took place when O Yang 77 was spotted by Coastguard vessel GC-24 and was identified as fishing within Argentina’s EEZ.

The boarding took place after contact was established and O Yang 77’s skipper was instructed not to haul the gear until the boarding party had reached the trawler. The operation was carried out with Minister of Security Patricia Bullrich and National Prefect Eduardo Scarzello following its progress from the outset.

The 60.50 metre O Yang 77 is currently in Comodoro Rivadavia while inspectors assess the amount of fish on board, with an initial estimate of 130 tonnes.

O Yang 77 had sailed from Montevideo on 5th January with a crew of 45 on board