Piriou will deliver Saupiquet’s Via Alizé in 2020. Image: Piriou

French tuna company Saupiquet, part of the Bolton Group, has placed an order for a new 67 metre tuna purse seiner to be built at Piriou’s yard in Vietnam with a 2020 delivery date. The new vessel will become the latest addition to the series of eight 80-90 metre tuna vessels delivered by Piriou from both its Vietnam and Concarneau yards since 2010 for several tuna operators.

The new vessel’s order also reflects changes in Saupiquet’s policies, placing greater emphasis on responsible fisheries, ensuring fishing activities that respect the environment, guarantee quality and traceability, and support employment in France under its corporate social responsibility programme that is designed to cover the entire process from catching to the consumer’s plate.

Since 2002 the company has operated five tuna purse seiners. In 2020 the new vessel, Via Alizé, will start operating alongside Via Avenir, Via Euros and Via Mistral.

‘We are proud and delighted to have Saupiquet and the Bolton Group among our customers,’ said Piriou general manager Vincent Faujour.

‘This new tuna vessel is part of a responsible and sustainable fishing approach, but it will also contribute to good environmental stewardship and crew wellbeing. We continue to work with vessel operators on the necessary renewal of their fishing vessels.’

The proven Piriou Ingenierie design takes into account some regulatory changes and that contribute to improving the work, rest and safety conditions of the crew, in compliance with the MLC 2006 (Maritime Labor Convention).

‘This choice of partnership with the Piriou shipyards for the construction of a modern vessel has the considerable advantage of being carried out in accordance with French flag regulations and standards,’ said Saupiquet director Patrick Furic.

‘This type of ship is an important asset for the future of the Saupiquet. Renweing the fleet of four with a smaller tuna vessel concept, is the right approach for Saupiquet's responsible fishing development.’

The 67.30 metre, 12.40 metre breadth Via Alizé, is to be built with an aluminium superstructure on a steel hull, and is designed to have a 1200 cubic metre capacity in 14 wells. It will have tanks for 350 cubic metres of fuel and 30 cubic metres of fresh water, and accommodation for a crew of 23, providing a 55-day endurance

It will be fitted with an optimised propulsion system and a controllable pitch propeller, powered by a 3000kW main engine, plus a pair of gensets providing 800kVa and a 1500kVa shaft generator run from the reduction gearbox to provide effective use of energy on board

The new tuna seiner will be supplied with a 10 metre skiff used for deploying the purse seine and a speed boat.

Source: Piriou Group