Valka is a leader in high-tech processing technology and water-jet cutting systems

Changes have taken place in the ownership of Icelandic high-tech processing specialist Valka, with a Samherji subsidiary acquiring a 20% stake in the company in a move that has been welcomed by Valka’s managament.

The purchase of a 20% shareholding in Valka from Vortindur ehf has been completed by Samherji subsidiary Ice Tech ehf. This makes Samherji one of the larger shareholders in Valka, along with the company’s founder and managing director Helgi Hjálmarsson, and companies Vogabakki, Vindhamar and Fossar.

Valka was established in 2003 and specialises in high-tech systems for the seafood industry, and has becone a leader in water-jet cutting. The company has grown steadily and its turnover for 2018 was close to double that of the previous year.

Samherji and Valka go back a long way and Valka’s processing systems are used in Samherji’s shore-based processing plants in Iceland.

‘It’s highly reassuring to have such as strong supporter as Samherji among Valka’s shareholders,’ said Valka managing director Helgi Hjálmarsson.

‘We have a successful co-operation behind us already in developing technology for the Útgerđarfélag Akureyringa processng facility in the last few years and recently signed a contract for equipment for Samherji’s processing plant in Dalvík.’

‘We look forward to involvement in further development with Valka,’ said Eiríkur S. Jóhannsson, chair of both the Samherji and Ice tech boards.

‘Samherji are an active player in this industry through other companies such as Slippurinn in Akureyri and Kćlismiđjan Frost. Valka’s systems have performed extremely well in Iceland’s seafood sector. I’m convinced that Valka will become even more prominent on the international market and this investment is intended to support further exports of Icelandic expertise.’

Source: Valka