Aker BioMarine’s CEO Matts Johansen is confident that machine learning puts the company in the lead in terms of operational decision making. Image: Aker BioMarine

Aker BioMarine and Cognite have entered into an agreement to digitise Aker BioMarine's harvest and production systems to improve the company's efforts towards sustainability. In addition, Amesto Solutions-owned data analysis company, NextBridge Analytics, also recently entered into a strategic alliance with the two partners.

Aker BioMarine aim is the use of contextualised data in Cognite's platform and artificial intelligence applications developed together with NextBridge Analytics to increase efficiency, including through reduced fuel consumption. By using real-time data and machine learning, the company plans to optimise and better manage harvest patterns, production flow and maintenance.

‘Ever since Aker BioMarine was established, we have challenged how things are done in our industry. By working with Cognite and NextBridge Analytics, we are taking this a step further. I think we are among the first companies in our industry to implement machine learning as the core of operational decision-making,’ said Aker BioMarine CEO Matts Johansen.

‘In order to succeed in systematically obtaining, structuring and analysing large data volumes across harvesting and production activities, Aker BioMarine has allied itself with the leading players in the field. Given Cognite's results in other industries and NextBridge Analytics’ sophisticated artificial intelligence expertise, we are confident that this project will yield enormous results.’

Sustainability through new technology

Implementing Cognite's industrial data platform makes it possible for Aker BioMarine to use data from various parts of the business. Aker BioMarine also sees opportunities for better access to both real-time and historical data from several sources. This will contribute to an increased understanding of the marine ecosystem in Antarctica and continuous improvement of the company's sustainability initiative.

‘We look forward to contributing positively to Aker BioMarine's operations through the use of the Cognite Data Platform for secure and immediate access to real-time data from the entire company's krill harvesting and production operations. By making the company's data available, Aker BioMarine will be able to further improve its business model and sustainability. We are pleased to welcome them aboard the Data Liberation Front,’ said Dr. John Markus Lervik, CEO of Cognite AS.

NextBridge Analytics also becomes a part of the team and brings to the initiative some of Norway's foremost computer analysts in constructing artificial intelligence systems for Aker BioMarine. They will use Cognite's platform and several related systems associated with it to build applications based on real-time data flow that aim to accelerate the effect in Aker BioMarine's production facilities and the sustainability of the harvest.

‘We look at Aker BioMarine as more than a customer, they are our partner,’ commented NextBridge Analytics CEO Inge Grini.

‘What we are good at is working with customers who have exciting challenges, their ideas for AI and machine learning, and improve and complement these with our own mathematical and technical skills. This is exactly the task that Aker BioMarine has given us, and we are pleased with the challenge and confidence.’

Source: Aker BioMarine