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Thread: Bonnie Lass built Weatherhead, Cockenzie 1949.

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    yes, Bill. I remember that one but cannot say for certain if it was the C'enzie built one or not. By coincidence, I am just back from Gourdon yesterday.

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    Yeah , the Raingoose lay in Gourdon for years when I was young ( was dark green then ) ended up a total wreck , had to be broken up in the harbour. Sure there must be plenty pics of it lay here.

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    Default Raingoose BCK

    I have posted a photo, on the Vintage section, of Raingoose fishing for sprats in 1967/8

    If required I should have a vbetter photo on a slide


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    cheers, Bill!

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    Bonnie Lass CN115 was bought by Ronnie Brownie of Carradale from Portavogie in the late 60's after he sold Minerva to Willie Sutherland of FR who had sold Ebenezer to Tarbert about same time, Ronnie called all his boats Bonnie Lass afterwards and is retired a few years now

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    does the bonnie lass currently fishing out of CN come into the equation anywhere? i've posted pics

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    Think that's probably Ronnie Brownie's 3rd Bonnie Lass at a guess. Have not checked your pics yet, but think it'll be the one built by Gerrards as Strathgarry sy88.

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    Just been searching the gallery pics.
    Have found a couple of pics of CN126 (posted by Jimmyt and Harbour cat). That's the Bonnie Lass III that I refer to above.
    Also found a Belfast reg Bonnie Lass with Dunan Star(posted by quiet waters). Dunno anything about that one, sorry.

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    Default Bonnie Lass


    There has been a book published very recently, which covers the history of my grandfather's boat buliding in the Cockenzie yard. Unfortunately I can't remember the name.

    It was compiled inconjunction with my uncle Alec Weatherhead, so I would suggest that you search Amazon using William or Alec Weatherhead and see what you get.

    If this fails get in touch and I will find out what it is called.


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    Cheers, Willie. The book is called Boatie Blest and was launched at the recent Three Harbours Festival. I wrote the chapter on boatbuilding for it, but it also contains a lot more interesting stuff! There's loads on model boats built by Cockenzie men, with plenty colour pics, and chapters on Cockenzie and Port Seton harbours. If you're thinking of buying, best person is the Festival organiser, Yvonne Murphy, 1 Gosford Road, Port Seton, East Lothian,EH32 OHE. Book costs a tenner, but you would have to contact Yvonne re p+p costs, cos I've no idea what that is. Thanks, Graham.

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