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    As in all Fishing Towns, when on a boat Man is King and Master of all he surveys, but on land he does what he is told when he is told what to do! A Woman may not alway's be right, BUT she is NEVER EVER WRONG!

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    jesus dunmore, don`t i know!

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    You should try it in a butcher's shop. They would kill you1 the width of a counter is only slightly longer than the full swing of a womans arm! For our safety. Little known fact. All glass in the display cabinets are bullet prrof and we wear chainmail noy for knives but from repriasals!

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    GOOD Woman Wanted,
    able to cook, sew .
    Dig worms and clean fish.
    Must have Fishing boat and motor,-----
    Please send picture of boat and motor.

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