Barents Sea has been launched at the Vyborg Shipyard

The Vyborg Shipyard has launched the first in a series of factory trawlers being built at the yard for Russian fishing companies under the investment quotas initiative.

The 86 metre overall, 17 metre breadth KMT01 factory vessel’s keel was laid at the yard in May last year and it is the first in a series of four for Arkangelsk Trawl Fleet. These vessels are among the first of a new generation of sophisticated fishing vessels

Barents Sea is designed to operate in northern waters and to be able to process up to 160 tonnes per day, producing fillets, fishmeal and fish oil, and canned products.

With the new trawler in the water at the Vyborg Shipyard’s quayside, the work of fitting it out is continuing.

‘I warmly congratulate our partners, everyone who has and will take part in the further construction of this ship,’ said the yard’s general director Alexander Sergeevich Solovyov.

‘Launching for any ship is the most important stage, the first contact with the environment in which it will operate. Seven feet under the keel and a good job done!’

Source: Vyborg Shipyard