Nanna Cecilie is due to be delivered to Hans Jørgen Jensen and Jens Peter Langer in April 2020

Thyborøn Skibs & Motor (3XJ) have been contracted as the main supplier for a new trawler/seine netter for local fishermen Hans Jørgen Jensen and Jens Peter Langer, who have opted for a flexible design capable of working trips offshore as well as in coastal waters.

The new Nanna Cecilie L-820 is scheduled to be delivered in April 2020, built to a Vestværft design at a yard in Szczecin and completed by 3XJ in Thyborøn.

Hans Jørgen Jensen will sail as Nanna Cecilie’s skipper, and after a varied career with a number of fishing companies he is now free as of 1st January to concentrate entirely on the new vessel.

‘We chose a medium-sized vessel that can work to the north and west, with space in the fishroom for around 1200 to 1300 boxes. So fishing offshore should not be a problem. However, we should also be able to take part in coastal fishing. This is the kind of changes that we need to be prepared for as quotas change dramatically from year to year,’ he said.

‘As usual, we will have a crew of five men and three or four ashore ready to sail as relief crew,’ he said, adding that they hope to have two apprentices on board as well to bring new people into fishing.

Over the next few months Hans Jørgen Jensen and Jens Peter Langer will have to wait and see what the future brings as Brexit unfolds. But regardless of the Brexit result, the decisions have been made and they are considering seeking out some more quota for the North Sea and Skagerak, and possibly some extra western Baltic cod to allow them to fish Baltic waters in the spring.

Nanna Cecilie is to be fitted out with a 746kW Caterpillar 3508C and a pair of gensets from the same manufacturer, with the main engine driving a 2800mm propeller inside a nozzle via a Hundested gearbox. 3XJ will supply the hydraulics, winched and net drums.

Hans Jørgen Jensen added that safety and comfort are prioritised in Nanna Cecilie’s design.

‘It’s vital that there are first-class crew conditions on board, especially on longer trips that take us to Norwegian or UK waters. So we have addressed this by including enough cabins, and large, well-fitted out lounge and accommodation.’