Three Chinese fishing vessels have been detained in The Gambia. Image: Gambia Armed Forces

Working in collaboration with inspectors from the department of fisheries, the Gambia Navy has arrested three Chinese fishing vessels or fishing illegally in The Gambian waters.

The arrests took place during a joint Sub-Regional Fisheries operation taking place in the waters of Senegal, Guinea Bissau and The Gambia, sponsored by the European Union under PESCAO programme.

Golden Lead 1 was intercepted by The Gambia Navy’s patrol boat GNS Musa Malia and arrested when evidence was found of its gear having been rigged illegally and for fishing outside licensed fishing areas.

Yi Feng 17 and Yi Feng 18 were intercepted by the Senegalese Naval vessel Fulladu in the Gambian waters. The two vessels were boarded and arrested for failing to have registration and tonnage certificate on board for inspection.

These two vessels were later handed over to the Gambia Navy and escorted to Banjul port. All the three vessels are currently under naval custody and awaiting further actions to be taken.

Source: Gambia Armed Forces