Pelagic vessel Börkur steaming in Norðfjörður. Image: Helgi Freyr Ólason/SVN

Fishing has been good on mackerel in the international zone between Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands in the last few days.

Last weekend the pelagic vessels were taking short tows for respectable catches, and Börkur docked in Neskaupstaður with 1200 tonnes of mackerel caught in only three short hauls, while Bjarni Ólafsson followed with 600 tonnes caught in two tows and Beitir is back on fishing grounds after landing 1500 tonnes of mackerel.

Freezer vessels Vilhelm Thorsteinsson and Hákon have been making regular calls to discharge into Síldarvinnslan’s cold stores, landing 480 tonnes and 645 tonnes of frozen production last weekend.

The company’s cold stores are also shipping out frozen production regularly, with 1000 tonnes loaded onto a reefer vessel last week and 4500 tonnes of mackerel, capelin and herring was taken by another reefer the previous week.

Mackerel is also shipped from the port of Reyðarfjörður, transported there in refrigerated containers, with severla hundred tonnes of frozen production trucked there every week.

Source: Síldarvinnslan