Texel shrimp trawler Bone Fide TX-65. Image: TCD

TX-65 has been built by TCD in Urk. Image: TCD

TX-65 is the first fishing vessel to be built completely in Urk for more than twenty years. Image: TCD

TX-65 on fishing gear trials. Image: TCD

TCD, the technical division of the Urk Fishermen’s Co-operative VCU, has delivered the first new fishing vessel built in Urk for many years with the completion of a new shrimp trawler for Texel fisherman Erik Kalf.

The delivery of the new Bona Fide became a tragic occasion as the new trawler’s keel had been laid in December 2017 by Erik Kalf and his wife Anita, and launched in May this year. With Bona Fide about to be delivered, Anita Kalf passed away after a long illness only a day before the new trawler docked at Oudeschild on the island of Texel for the first time.

With the new vessel under construction, Erik Kalf had already sold his older trawler to Tjeerd Visser and this is now fishing as Monte Senior WL-39.

Built to a Hernand Jansen design, Bona Fide TX-65 measures 23.95 metres with a 6.20 metre beam. It was built entirely at TCD’s workshops in Urk, making it TCD’s first fishing vessel delivery, and the first newbuild to be built entirely in Urk since the UK-184 was delivered more than twenty years ago by the Metz and Hoekman yards.

TCD acted as the main contractor, taking responsibility for the construction process and using a number of sub-contractors. These include the Luyt yard in Den Oever which supplied the six-drum winch and the Caterpillar C12 main engine and the C4.4 and C2.2 generator sets.

The gearbox is a Twin Disc MGX-5170-DC with a switchable PTO for the hydraulic pump and it drives a five-bladed 1500mm propeller inside a Promarin FS-40 nozzle.

Piet Brouwer handled the electrical installation on board Bona Fideand The Flux saw to the woodwork. The hydraulics were installed by Couperus Hydraulics and De Boer Marine supplied the wheelhouse electronics.

VCU supplied the rigging, anchors, anchor chain, safety equipment and fitted out the galley.

Source: Hook & Net