Annalijdia LT-43 under construction at the Thecla Bodewes yard before the second fire broke out on board. Image: Albert Hartman/Twitter

A second fire on board the same trawler under construction at a shipyard in Holland has left the new twin-rigger/fly-shooter’s future in the balance as the damage is assessed.

Annalijdia LT-43 was close to completion at the Thecla Bodewes yard in Harlingen when a fire broke out on board, quickly generating a great deal of heat and requiring a number of fire crews to extinguish the blaze.

This follows a first fire that occurred on board in May this year, which delayed construction by several months. This second fire has caused even greater damage, gutting the catch handling deck and fishroom. While the engine room is intact, there is smoke damage to accommodation areas and the wheelhouse.

There were no injuries to those working on board at the time, who made efforts to extinguish the fire before leaving the 34.50 metre twin-rigger/fly-shooter, which was within a couple of weeks of delivery.

The cause of the fire is being investigated, and opinion is that it may have broken out due to a chemical reaction during fitting insulation to the vessel’s fishroom. It is as yet uncertain whether or not the new vessel is beyond economic repair or if it can be completed, but under the best-case scenario, Annalijdia’s delivery is expected to be delayed into next year.

Source: Visserijnieuws and others